In this ever changing and critical world that we live in we have struggles and hardships to endure. There are entities everywhere that have no regard, and no compassion for life, love, and family. We go about our lives with the notion that freedom, and the pursuit of happiness is a given, but its not. We think that we can't be touched by an unfriendly hand, but we can. We think in our world, about our world, without realizing that other worlds exist around us at the same time that think so differently.

No matter which way you think there is a language that breaks through all barriers. A language that has meaning with or without words. A picture in your mind, a feeling that you remember, an emotion that takes over your entire existance. That language is Music. You can listen to music produced from anywhere in the world, and the melody takes you away. Away on a journey that can take you around the world. Round the world to feel the rythm of the many different cultures.

Ole Skoole Productions has a dream, a dream like Dr. King, that everyone can live along side each other without hate. Hate distroys. Hate feeds itself in all forms. Hate is narrow minded, it only sees hate, and will only see hate for all time. Hate reaches far beyond racial, cultural, and religous differences. It reaches to the core of your soul. So deep that it is hard to let go, and we all know letting go is one of the hardest things to do. We have to come together as Humans. We all live in the yard, and the yard needs some work. Someone needs to cut the lawn, and someone else needs to trim the bushes, while another turns the soil, and we can do this togther.

Our music is for everyone. It has a universal theme. We would like people to listen to our music and think of love. Love. Love. Think of that special person. Think of your family. Most of all, think of them that you think you hate. Do you really hate them, or if you had the chance, could you know them another way. If you lived in their shoes, could you understand where they are comming from. Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

Ole Skoole's mission is to; through music, bring more love and understanding to the world. I know that is a big mission, but somebody has to do it.

Nolan Reilly
Ken E. Autry

Ole Skoole Productions and Kuzin Ken