Claudia O'Reilly



Welcome to my website. Here's hoping you enjoy my poetry and my husband's music enough to think about purchasing my book. I haven't made it to yet, but I have my fingers and toes crossed. Also, I've consulted with a few Higher Powers, so the future looks bright. My goal is to have a billion or so readers who enjoy the forests of the Santa Ezmeralda Mountains as much as I relished creating them.

The Mystique of Santa Ezmeralda

The Mystique of Santa Ezmeralda is the first in a series of sci-fi/fantasy books that will captivate readers with the excapism of a pristine, magical old growth forest. Audiences are ready for a fictional work that depicts the joys and toils of a modern day feral child who has resided with humans enough to be a well socialized High School graduate and lived with wolves a sufficent amount of time to understand, communicate, and interact with an alternative species.

This wolf/man has a lifelong yearning for the woman who endeavors arduously to nurture him into her metropolis. There are surpise twists that depict Trent's and Melissa's struggles against both a cosmopolitan background and Santa Ezmeralda's crystal caves, waterfalls, hidden lakes, earthquakes, etc.Trent Montebello emerges as a unique, provocative character with a remarkable adaptability to prevail in multiple stressful environments. His distinctive philosophy develops from a life of great joys, intense suffering, and monumental transformations intertwined with a primeval wilderness.